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We specialise in complex theoretical research and writing high-end original blog posts. Our highly experienced writers can research and report on any theoretical aspect, as well as provide practical suggestions on any given topic. Outsourcing your research to professionals is a great method of saving time, cutting costs and achieving great results through data triangulation.

So whether you are a website owner who wants to publish original, verified and interesting website content or a consulting agency – we can help.

We have over 350 freelance writers specialising in various areas, so we can research, write and edit documents of any level and complexity.

We have a large UK-based customer services team available 9am-9pm on weekdays and 10am-6pm on weekends. Not only are we available to assist you at your convenience but we are also experienced in handling complex orders, such as urgent deadlines (e.g. under 24 hours) and multi-stage orders (e.g. that include plans, outlines, drafts and a large number of deliverables). Our customer services team also specialise in evaluating specific requirements and providing tailored solutions to suit the needs and wants of every client.

If you require professional and instant research assistance, Insta Research is here for you.

  • Are you trying to promote your e-commerce shop and look for well-researched and verified content as part of your strategy?

  • Are you a consultancy, preparing reports for client but wanting to outsource academic research?

  • Are you an individual, wishing to do research for a post, but lacking time?

Quick order

For £25,we will prepare a research plan for you within 48 hours.

We can help you formulate your requirements

Highly referenced

We understand the importance of research and would provide around 20 references per 1000 words to ensure you have enough material obtained.

Highly analytical

We will use various analytical instruments to analyse the data collected and use suitable models to derive results

Highly personal

We will match your order to your exact needs. Sometimes it may take a bit longer to agree on the quotation , but we will always ensure your requirements are understood.